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Adrien Lastic Femintimate Intimrelax allows to do exercise and to progressively dilate the vaginal duct. It allows at the same time, with small exercises, the progressive improvement of the symptoms derived from atrophic vaginatis. It is made up of three elements with a perfectly ergonomic form and different sizes in order to gradually solve this disorder which has adverse effects on sexuality and psychological health in general. Intimrelax should be used in conjunction with a water based lubricant in order to make the exercises easier and at the same time lubricate and hydrate the vaginal mucous. Vaseline, which can damage the latex of condoms or diaphragms (due to risk of genital infection), or other lubricants which are oil based are completely contraindicated. How is Intimrelax used? First of all, a small amount of water based lubricant should be applied to the entrance of the vagina, approximately a chestnut sized amount, and it should be gently massaged for 2 to 3 minutes. After having done so, the next step is to take the smallest component of Intimrelax. The same amount of lubricant should be likewise applied to the tip. Straight away, pressure should be applied to insert it in the vagina in a gentle and progressive way. If dryness is perceived, more lubricant should be added. This exercise can be done for 10 to 15 minutes with small movements in and out. It is important to bear in mind that the contraction of the vaginal muscles is adverse and if it occurs the exercise should be stopped. The objective is to relax the vaginal area as well as alleviating the discomfort caused by atrophic vaginitis. Therefore the exercises should be carried out in a comfortable place. One session a day is enough. 3 different size exercisers small approximately 2.55 inches by .35 inch, medium 3.74 inches by .59 inch and large 4.72 inches by. 98 inch.



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